Tuesday, June 3, 2014

One Week!

We are one week away from our court date!Please keep Murad in your thoughts and prayers during this week and next as he prepares for court. We are confident, yet cautious. It's hard not to get our hopes up and we know at this point we've done everything we can. We're relying on our attorney to fight the battle and we're remaining optimistic. Since we started this journey a little over two months ago (and for Murad, it really has been more like 10 years), we've realized how many other fathers out there are like him. Even celebrities like Jason Patric have had to endure paternity questioning and parental alienation. Our goal for WHEN CC comes home is to make sure that we keep her safe while still trying to foster a relationship with her mother. We realize we have a long road ahead of us no matter what the outcome is, but we're prepared. In the mean time, if you have any encouraging words for Murad, I'm sure he'd love to hear them. If you'd still like to send CC (and/or her sister) I'm sure she'd appreciate it as well! You can still donate to our cause. You can also share our wonderful image (thanks, Amber Goodvin) on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account to show your support, especially on Tuesday. Until Tuesday,


  1. My prayers are with you all and you guys have my complete support. C.C. deserves all her heart desires.

    1. Thank you, Candace! We greatly appreciate your prayers and support!