Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Hearing: the good, the bad, the ugly

Murad went to court today and was rewarded with: another paternity test! When he arrived, he, C.C.’s mom, & C.C.’s mom’s boyfriend (C.C.’s sister's alleged father) took drug tests. They all three passed (not that we were worried about Murad). C.C.’s mom & C.C.’s mom’s boyfriend celebrated passing the test. The judge looked over all of Murad's documents and told both attorneys that he'd have enough evidence to declare Murad the father. When C.C.’s mom's attorney told her, she immediately said he wasn't the father and her attorney said they'd reject any claims as such. The judge then said a paternity test would have to be done which C.C.’s mom tried to block saying her estranged husband hadn't responded to the paternity summons, and that C.C.’s mom’s boyfriend should be C.C.’s father because she saved her life once when she drowned. However, the county attorney said her estranged husband was given sufficient amount of time to respond and the judge agreed. When C.C.’s mom learned that C.C.’s mom’s boyfriend wasn't going to be able to see C.C.’s sister until a paternity test was done, she quickly changed her tune and said that Murad was C.C.’s father. She said let C.C. see Murad, but judge said it was too late and that the fairest thing to do would be to do the paternity test. The judge handed everything over to Family Services which means now I (Ashlea) have to get approved by them to talk to C.C. and so do all family members. Murad's attorney spent some time explaining how to get a paternity test ordered to the Family Services caseworker. Our attorney told Murad she'd call every day until it's done. The judge put in an expedited order for paternity, so we're hoping it'll be less time than we expected before. So, it feels like we're at a stand-still. Once the paternity tests are done, the child in need of care hearing will occur, at which C.C. may or may not come home with us. If she doesn't, we'll file for custody. We're not absolutely sure how long this all will take, but we're trying not to give up hope for C.C.’s sake. However, it's hard not to do. We know C.C. is having a hard time. She's told everyone that if she doesn't see Murad soon she'll explode. The Family caseworker said that C.C. asks to Skype with me all the time. And of course she misses her ornery little brother. We feel like we've failed her, but we're hoping this period apart is short and worth the wait. Keep praying!

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